As a little girl, I remember making pierogi with my Polish Grandma and Mama Tanya. They would cover the table with a floral table cloth, set a pot of warm mashed potatoes in the middle, sprinkle the table with flour and start the process of rolling-filling-pinching. It was a family tradition and always will be.

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Our recipes are inspired by mother, Tanya. Experience luscious European flavors crafted with home made creams, sponge cake layers and sugar doughs.

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Potato Onion

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  • Lancaster - Lemon Street Market & Lancaster Marketplace

  • Allentown - Radish Republic ⁣

  • Lititz - Harvest Lane Farm Market & Rooster Street Butcher

  • Ephrata - Reiff's farm Market ⁣

  • Kimberton Whole Foods - All Six locations

  • Downingtown - Crop's Fresh Marketplace 

  • Philadelphia - Philly Foodworks

How to Cook Pierogies


1. Bring a pot of water to a boil.

2. Add frozen pierogi, mix and allow to float to top.

3. Boil in pot for 3-5 minutes. 

4. Drain and place pierogi on frying pan with oil or butter.

5. Sauté and enjoy grandma's pierogi!